About Us

One associates school with academics, but there is a growing trend towards extra-curricular activities. Initially, greeted with a great deal of skeptics, extra curricular have today earned their place in the school calendar / agenda. Overall development – a goal every educational institution strives to achieve, be it school or college. Along with academics and sports, cultural growth is also important. This is where extra-curricular come in. They have grown into a phenomenon so great that school students not only look forward to them but also strive to win these events. Extra-curricular imbibe a spirit of healthy competition as well as good sportsmanship among participants – a kind of bonhomie among your colleagues which comes only from participating in these events. A student takes these opportunities to unwind from the strenuous day-to-day routines. At our institution, NEMS we organize and host our own inter-school SPORTS DAY, The uniqueness of this event is that it is organized completely by the students. Our students have excelled in various inter- school activities and this clearly shows that we lived up to our motto we impart to achieve quality education, “Perfect Commitment”. While participating in all extra-curricular events it is important to remember to take victory or defeat in good spirit and bring pride and prestige to our institution and to ourselves. With that, one can say without a doubt, that extra curricular have a vital importance in our life.